Winter Woods

Winter Woods Room Freshener - Scent Changes Monthly - CapandQueen

Winter Woods Room Freshener - Scent Changes Monthly

A unique blend of fresh pine, gentle eucalyptus and warm cedarwood.



Distilled Water The good stuff, pure H2O!
Ethanol Alcohol to assist in removing oders and disinfecting.
T-Butyl Alcohol Alcohol used to assist in carrying the fragrance.
Bitrex Bitter substance to discourage children and pets from tasting what smells so good!
Essential Oil Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants used for natural scenting.
Fragrance Oil Our special fragrance blend to enhance the aroma in the air.
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Breathe in the woodsy, magical scent of Winter Woods Room Freshener! Enjoy the calming combination of fresh pine, relaxing eucalyptus, and soft cedarwood for a stress-free atmosphere. Bring the warmth and wonder of the outdoors indoors with this earthy and inviting smell!

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